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Why we're great

We can't be all things to all people, but we do try to offer things for most.

Vegan Friendly

All our products are, and always will be, Vegan friendly! We know this should be a given, considering the motivation for starting Plantifull is to spread plant-based eating to everybody, but you'd be surprised how many people still wonder if we're vegan :)


Gluten-Free Options

Gluten free options: Are Gluten-free creamy mac, Asian Teriyaki, Coronation Chickpea are all completely gluten-free!

Palm Oil Free

Palm oil? Not here. Ever.

Nut Free

Nut free? Yup. Adam's dad has a severe nut allergy and we want to make sure he can eat our food!


"Where do you get your protein from?!". In all of our products! Our jerkies all have over 13g of protein from just a 30g pack. And all our meals pots are either a source of, or high in protein. Turns out you can get protein on a plant-based diet, who knew.


Ah, the elephant in the room: B12. All you guys should be taking a supplement anyway (even you, meat eaters), but we've made sure our Creamy Macs and Shroomy Risotto are a source of B12.


Eat. your. veg. That's easy with our 5-a-day pots, which all contain your full daily allowance of 5 fruits and veg. Don't let anybody tell you it's hard to achieve! We firmly believe this is a minimum though, and recommend aiming for 10 each day.

Good For The Planet

Good for the planet. We were shocked by the findings, too, but our jerkies produce 95% less CO2 and over 99% less water than the meat equivalent.