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We are all about flavourful and innovative food, but that's only half the story. We are also committed to catering for different diets, allergens, and ensuring that nutritionally we're up there with the best.

Yes, we probably have a chip on our shoulder, but that's only because we want to show everybody how plant-based food can truly provide all the nutritional and macro needs, whatever your goals may be.


  Vegan: We always have, and always will be a 100% vegan company. All our products are registered with The Vegan Society (those guys are great!), and we only use vegan ingredients. 
Nut-free: Adam's dad suffers from a severe nut allergy and we've always been acutely aware of other people suffering from similar allergies. Because of this, none of our products contains nuts.
No Palm Oil: None of our products includes palm oil of any sort, including "sustainable" palm oil.
Protein: Despite the most frequently asked question of anybody following a plant-based diet, yes we do get enough protein! In fact, our jerkies have over 45% protein content, and a number of our meal pots are high in protein too.
B12: We use nutritional yeast with fortified B12 in a number of our meal pots, ensuring that you won't go without; that'll keep the naysayers at bay!
5-a-day: So the UK has been pushing the importance of getting at least 5 servings of fruit or vegetables each day, for a number of years. Despite this, we couldn't find any meals on the market that included all 5, so we created our own range to do just that. It also means we can eat chocolate for the rest of the day, (relatively) guilt-free!
Gluten-free options: For those who are either avoiding gluten through choice, or are unfortunate enough to have coeliacs disease, all our meal pots with the exception of the Creamy Mac, are gluten-free. Unfortunately our jerkies do contain gluten, so don't have those.