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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to email us here.


1. How do I store your products?

Meal pots: all our meal pots will arrive in a specialised chilled box with insulation and an ice pack. All our meal pots need to be kept cold for storage. To get the best flavour, we recommend storing in a fridge, however, it is also possible to store in a freezer should you wish.

Jerkies: our jerkies are an ambient product, so do not need to be stored in a fridge or freezer. We do recommend these are kept in a cold and dry place to prolong the shelf-life and preserve the texture and taste, though.

2. How do I heat the meal pots?

Heating instructions for the meal pots are included on the sleeve. We recommend heating for a total of 3 minutes (depending on your microwave settings), and stirring half-way to ensure consistent cooking. It is also possible to heat the meal pots in a pan, should you not wish to use a microwave to do so.

If you choose to cook the products in the oven, please ensure that you remove the food from the pot beforehand, or the pot may melt.

3. What does vegan mean?

All our products are 100% vegan-friendly. This means that none of the products that we sell, include any animal products whatsoever. We firmly believe people can thrive on a plant-based diet and that animal products are unnecessary.

Of course, you do not need to be vegan to enjoy our products, though! The majority of our customers actually identify as flexitarian, and this is something we're fully supportive of; every meal that doesn't include animal products has huge ethical and environmental benefits.

4. Do you use preservatives in your products?

A simple answer: no. We have spent many, many hours in the technology kitchen to create all of our recipes, to ensure that there are no nasty preservatives in any of our products. At Plantifull, we have tried to recreate recipes as you would cook them at home. Through using food technology and working closely with expert chef's, we're really proud that our products do not include any of these nasties!

5. Do you plan on expanding your range?

YES! We are constantly working on new and innovative recipes for existing and future products. The plant-based movement is still in a really early stage, and we are really excited about some of the future products we're working on. We're always open to suggestions for expanding and improving the range, so please feel free to email or contact us on social media with suggestions :)

6. How big are your pots?

We recommend our pots being big enough for a meal for one person. This isn't restrictive though, so you may prefer to share a pot as a side with a few people, and/or accompany it with a salad. We like to think of it like this: perfect size for lunch, perfect size to accompany a side for dinner.

7. Where are your products from?

All of our products are designed, and developed right here in the UK. We also try to work with other local businesses to source our products, and this is something we plan on expanding on in the future.

8. Do you collaborate with other brands?

Definitely! We love working with like-minded brands and we're really passionate about creating a supportive environment with others as well. Please check out our social media for the many giveaways we offer, to stand a chance at winning a whole bunch of goodies!

9. What are your pots made from?

Ah yes, the elephant in the room. At the moment, our meal pots are made from BPA-free and recycled plastic. The truth is, at the moment there are no plastic-free alternatives that are commercially viable, either in terms of pricing or shelf-stability, that would work for our brand. Doing so would push the price of our products up significantly and would also increase food waste through much shorter a shelf-life.

We are in constant dialogue with a number of companies working on practical solutions for what is an industry-wide issue, and we're keeping close eyes on some solutions that look really interesting. We have taken the view that the benefits from eating a plant-based diet, outweigh the current downsides of using recycled plastic. We also encourage our customers to reuse the meal pots for storage an even growing plants in; they work really well for those uses!

If you are aware of any new products that might address any of the issues we're facing, please do email us and let us know!