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A Vegan Christmas Guide

A Vegan Christmas Guide

Vegan Christmas Guide

Note: (unfortunately) we cannot take any credit for the wonderful Christmas broccoli tree, that's courtesy of Betty Crocker. Check out her vegetarian recipes here (which can easily be veganised!): Here

We’ve combed the retail world for the perfect gifts for your vegan bestie, family member, or just to treat yourself. Bought any already, or have better suggestions? We'd love to hear them :-)


Stocking Stuffers (£1 - £15)

Avocado Storage pod (£4) for those rare times a you don’t want to eat a whole avocado: John Lewis

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer (£5.6) to remove and slice avocados safely:

Vegan hamper of sweets (£12):

Magnetic spice rack (£13):

Oh She Glows cookbook – the original bible of vegan cookbooks (£11):

The Last Lecture– it has nothing to do with Veganism but is an amazing, short, book that will 100% make the reader bawl (£6):

Gratitude journal for women (£10):

Fruu colour balm box (£2): Fruu

Portable Cutlery Set (£10): Brightzine

You’re a good secret Santa (£16 - £30)


Plantifull box of 4 meals (£18): Plantifull Gift Card


Matt and Nat vegan wallet (£25): Matt and Nat

Tyne vegan chease selection box (£19): Tyne

Kettlebell set with stand (£27):

Le Creuset medium storage jar (£25): Le Creuset

Ulu coconut bowl & cutlery set (£22): Ulu


Good vegan karma for next year (>£30)

“Vegan Queen” jumper (£35): Brightzine

Subscription Box to The Vegan Kind (£36 to £134 depending on length): The Vegan Kind

Allbirds Eucalyptus Tree Loungers (£95): Allbirds

Year subscription to Calm for meditation (£46): Calm

Vegan Food Tour – Amsterdam (£70): Amsterdam Vegan Food Tour

Le Labo fragrance discovery set (£58) – all amazing smelling and cruelty-free: Le Labo


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