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Have a happy plant-based Christmas!

Have a happy plant-based Christmas!

Has anyone ever asked you, “well, what do you have for your Christmas dinner if you don’t have turkey?!” Same here! To which I reply, “nut roast” ...receiving a bemused look in return.


Joking aside, you don’t have to settle for just the trimmings this year. Most shops and supermarkets stock many different plant-based alternatives for Christmas. 


But why not get CREATIVE in your kitchen? 


It's true, you can’t beat the classic nut roast, and mushroom Wellington is also a great option if you want a good challenge! But, if you would like to keep things stress free yet delicious, this time, why not create some festive pastry tarts with our Coronation Chickpea meal pot? 


Follow the Plantifull recipe below, wow your fellow diners, and be sure of a healthy, happy, plant-based Christmas.




(makes 4)

  • half sheet of puff pastry (or filo)
  • Plantifull Coronation Chickpea meal pot


Nut crumb topping:

  • handful of mixed nuts
  • some grated vegan cheese
  • teaspoon of mixed herbs
  • teaspoon of Nutritional Yeast
  • pinch of salt and pepper
  • dash of olive oil



  • 10cm tart tins
  • blender/pestle and mortar



  1. choose your pastry (I prefer puff but filo would work well too)
  2. cut circles of pastry to fit your tins
  3. grease the tins and press the pastry circles inside
  4. fill the tarts with Plantifull Coronation Chickpea meal pot (one pot should fill 4 small tins)
  5. for the nut crumb, combine a handful of mixed nuts, Nutritional Yeast, mixed herbs, grated vegan cheese, salt, pepper and olive oil 
  6. crush together using a pestle and mortar or gently blitz in a blender to your preferred crumb size
  7. bake at 180º for 15minutes or until the pastry goes golden brown

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