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A Bit About Us!

A Bit About Us!

Hi! We’re Adam and Becca. We’re going to devote our first series of blog posts to telling you a bit about us, why we started The Plantifull Food Co., and for all you aspiring food-preneurs out there, a bit about how to bring a product to market, in case you’d find that story useful.
First a bit about us – we grew up on opposite sides of the world: Becca in Colorado, where it’s sunny at least 300 days in the year, and Adam in Cambridgeshire, where it’s grey at least 300 days in the year. Both of us spent the majority of our 20s in the corporate world in New York City and London, and to be honest, even though we both had perfectly good jobs, there was a little nagging voice for both of us that would occasionally prompt us to wonder, “Is this really it for the next 40 years?”
We met through the wonders of modern technology! Becca was living in London after studying for her masters here, and though we worked just 5 minutes from each other, it was a dating app, Hinge, that brought us together. It was pretty much love at first sight, and after a whirlwind romance, Adam proposed 7 months later in Shanghai. For Becca, it was a complete shock, because for the last 7 months, Adam had maintained that he didn’t really believe in marriage as an institution – a clever (but risky) strategy to keep Becca surprised come the inevitable proposal. We got married in May 2017 outside of Cambridge with our closest family and friends (and of course, a few people we met for the first time on the day).
And the company? Well, both of us transitioned to a plant-based diet in September 2016 after watching Forks over Knives. Maybe transitioned isn’t the right word… we didn’t ease into the lifestyle, we kind of just flung ourselves into it. As you might be able to infer, we’re pretty much all or nothing characters. Prior to this moment, we didn’t think a meal was worthy of its name unless it came with meat, fish, or cheese (or maybe a combination of all 3). Undeterred, we cleaned out our pantry and immediately started eating 100% plant-based. Not knowing what to cook, we had to start from scratch, reading every label and recreating every recipe. Adam refuses to eat salads, so finding delicious and filling ways to fuel ourselves took a lot of time every evening. This process of learning and exploration was exciting and new, but honestly, a pain sometimes. We tried to meal prep and pre-plan, but sometimes, life, work, and friends just got in the way!
Health-wise, we immediately started noticing the benefits. We both took blood tests to compare the difference, and our cholesterol levels, while they weren’t out of the normal range before, they both dropped dramatically. We recovered from our workouts quicker, felt less bloated after meals, and immediately lost most of the weight that couples in long-term relationships tend to gain together as a result of too many nights snacking and watching “Breaking Bad” together.
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