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6 ways we can all lead a more sustainable life...

6 ways we can all lead a more sustainable life...


There is so much we can do as individuals these days to lead more sustainable lives and influence others through our own actions. Here are some things I’m integrating into my day to day...


Avoiding food waste

3.6 million tonnes of food is wasted per year in the food industry. A lot of supermarket food is shipped in from all over the world yet so much of it is easily discarded. We can all reduce waste by storing food properly, planning meals ahead, saving leftovers, eating seasonally and composting waste.  

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash  



Plant-based diet all the waaay

The meat and dairy industry massively contributes to deforestation. When trees are incinerated to clear land for livestock, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere and vital ecosystems are damaged. We can all reap the health benefits of a plant-based diet whilst also protecting the planet. 


Photo by  Julia Zolotova on Unsplash



Be mindful when washing clothes 

A washing machine can use between 33-72litres of water per wash so wearing our clothes multiple times before washing will save a significant amount of water as well as preserving the quality of them. Washing on low temperatures will still clean our clothes thanks to... detergent! Air drying our clothes is also the best option and a big money and energy saver. 


Photo by Katy Cao on Unsplash 


 Reduce plastic waste 

100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone! Thankfully refill stations are becoming more popular around the world, allowing us to use our own containers for filling up grains, pulses, cleaning products, shampoo, condition and much more. By using these where we can we will be reducing plastic waste and also saving money.  


Photo by  Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash 


Getting around

Cycling, walking and riding public transport are more healthy and sustainable methods of transportation. A lot of cities in the UK are now introducing electric scooters and bikes. You'll spend less time sitting in traffic! 


Photo by  Cassidy Dickens on Unsplash 


Supporting and voting for people in our communities who can make a difference

The environment affects everyone in one way or another, and politics definitely affect the environment! Voting for people who are committed to helping the environment is an easy way to make a difference. Money talks! When we buy things we invest in that company so let's spend our hard-earned cash with businesses and organisations that are contributing to real change, look out for certified products and be careful of greenwashing. 

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash 

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