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meticulously created, freshly chilled

Our products are made with high quality ingredients, without any preservatives (or that nasty palm oil!), and chilled immediately. This process locks in all the goodness we've made for you, so all you need to do is pop one of our meals in the microwave (or a pan, should you wish), ready to savour

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Our Story

Hey! We are Adam and Becca, a husband and wife team determined to make plant-based eating convenient, and delicious. We both started eating a plant-based diet after having our epiphany moment in 2016, from watching a documentary called Forks Over knives. Since then we have seen hugely positive changes in our physical and mental health, and founded Plantifull to make it easier for anybody wanting to change their diet to incorporate more plants.


So whether you already eat a plant-based diet, are flexitarian, or just a meat reducer, we want to make it as easy as possible to incorporate more plants into your daily routine✌️

Healthy Vegan Comfort Food


Palm oil free

Gluten-free options


Nut free


Casual convenience

Perfect for lunch, dinner, whenever. Nobody has ever been judged for having a Creamy Mac at breakfast.


The meal pots are chilled products to keep them fresh and convenient. We recommend they are put in the fridge once you receive your order, however, you can also freeze them if you wish to keep them longer (for the best taste experience, they should be kept chilled).
We ship your order within 2-3 business days using DPD or ParcelForce for next day delivery using our special, insulated cool-pack. You will receive tracking information from them and can arrange specific delivery instructions, such as leaving your box in a safe place.
Each order is packed into an eco box, which is temperature controlled to ensure it arrives at your door in a chilled state. The products are tightly packed with an ice pack to enable the temperature to remain cool for up to 48 hours once shipped.
Your meals can be heated in a microwave for the quickest and most convenient way to enjoy our food. Should you prefer to, you can also put it into a pan and heat through, or dish onto an oven-proof surface and heat through too.
To be brutally honest: COVID-19. We have always been a retail-centric company and just prior to lockdown our meals were available in over 500 stores nationwide. Typically, retailers offer fewer product variations than some direct-to-consumer companies due to shelf space.

So please do bear with us whilst we move with the times. Over the past 12 months we have carefully developed a further six meal pots, and we hope to expand our range soon :)

We offer a minimum of 7 days shelf life for all orders, with most being delivered with greater than that.
Ah, the elephant in the room. Our pots are made from recycled plastic at the moment, although we are keen to change that in the near future. The plastic is BPA free and fully recycled and recyclable, and they also make great little plant pots for once you’ve finished eating!

There are some really interesting materials being developed at the moment, so we are hopeful to migrate to something more sustainable once they are commercially viable.

We love to hear from our customers! Please email us on

Eating plants has never tasted so good

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