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How it all began...

Rewind your minds back to mid-2016 for a moment.

To a time before Donald Trump was president, and the Brexit mess was only just starting. It was during this time when newly-weds, Adam and Becca, watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives on Netflix. They probably should have had something better to do with their time, alas they did not.

Like no other documentary they had seen before, this had life-changing impacts for them, and after being so profoundly struck by the contents, Adam and Becca decided to transition overnight to a completely plant-based diet.

A few months later, after spending endless hours on Google to understand what all these new ingredients like nutritional yeast were, they decided to take matters into their own hands and started The Plantifull Food Co. It is their goal to make eating plant-based as easy as possible.

Testimonials 💚✌️💪

When you buy a ready-made risotto, you don't expect it to be as creamy and al dente as the one you started making fresh 20 minutes ago. In this case you'd be wrong!

by Vegan Food & Living Magazine

Yes!! And as a non-vegan, I can confirm it actually tastes even better than traditional mac and cheese!!

by @louisekissack

Best Mac n cheese award goes to @plantifullfood

by @Sinfreesophia

This was soo yummy!! Loads of flavour, bit of a kick, and really tasty 

by @bitesbybekah

I had the gluten and dairy free mac & cheese at a tasting and it was incredible! As someone who can't have gluten or dairy, I've tried a lot of alternatives and this is by far the best - couldn't even tell the difference! SO excited for this range!!

by Taylore Hunt

@plantifull food Best Mac ever!

by @lizzie.burgess94